Our Services

Alok K. Saksena Auditing & Accounting provides a broad range of services in the areas of audit & assurance, Taxation, consulting and advisory. With a team of professionals and experienced management we are able to deliver services of highest standards that help our clients to take best and informed decisions.

At Alok K Saksena Auditing & Accounting we take care of accounting, audit and tax requirements while you can concentrate on the strategic business decisions so as to achieve desired business results. We assist you in formulation of your business objectives, improving performances, understanding and managing business risk and provide you with the right advice for your business.

At Alok K. Saksena Auditing and Accounting every client’s business is studied in detail. To give the client an expert advice it is essential to know and understand his business thoroughly. We help our clients understand the possible risk and challenges that may arise in the course of business and advice them on how to sail through them. We try to understand each client’s individual requirements and form strategies designed specifically for them.

Our clients are our business partners and we assist them in planning and managing their growth through our expert opinion. Our advice and opinion are sought and valued by the leading persons in the industry.

Audit Services

External Audit

External Audit refers to independent examination of financial statements prepared by the management with a view to express an opinion on the true and correctness of the statements.

Audited financial statement provides reasonable assurance that published audited financial reports are free from material mis-statement and are in accordance with legislation and relevant accounting standards.

We at Alok K. Saksena conduct audit with standardised methods, meeting the auditing and assurance standards as prescribed by regulators.

Internal Audit

Internal audit refers to examination of the company’s practices in relation to operations, safeguarding of assets etc. The objective of the internal audit is to bring efficiency, effectiveness and continuity in the practices followed by the company.

We at Alok K. Saksena Auditing & Accounting while conducting internal audit give utmost importance to the objective of the audit, existing practices and prevailing regulatory requirements so as to render the service in a systematic and professional manner.

While conducting Internal Audit we do a Risk Assessment and structure our check list and program accordingly.

Accounting and Financial Advice

Accounting is not just a measurement of the calculation of profit and calculation of tax liability but an inseparable process to identify the performance of the company. It helps us to understand which the areas of strength are and which the areas of concern are. It helps us to track the expenditures and review the growth and performance. It is essential in the formulation of budget and preparation of future plans.

Alok K. Saksena Auditing & Accounting helps its clients in understanding and analyzing the accounting and gives them expert advice so that the clients can derive maximum benefit from accounting.

Tax Services

Preparation of Year end Tax Declaration

All business activity carried in Qatar is subject to taxation. All business activity weather carried out in the form of company, business firm or branch with local or foreign partner or shareholder is subject to QatarTax laws.

We at Alok K. Saksena Auditing & Accounting assist you in the determination and discharging of tax liability.

Tax Consulting

We at Alok K. Saksena Auditing & Accounting advice efficient tax planning such that it helps in optimization of business gains and investments. With our experience and expertise in Qatari Taxation we are able to understand and address the complexities of the taxation system. Our tax consulting and advisory is valued and appreciated by the industry people and tax professionals. We can assist you in setting up a system for Withholding tax on payments to Non Residents.

We also assist in getting the tax card and meeting the necessary compliance requirements under the law.

Global Taxation and Transfer Pricing

Alok K. Saksena Auditing & Accounting is experienced in conducting advisory services in relation to Transfer Pricing such as determination of pricing between group entities, application for Advance Pricing Agreement, Preparation of transfer pricing study report and documentation requirements under the law. We give expert opinion on the taxation of cross border transaction based on the double taxation avoidance agreement (DTAA) entered into with recipient country and judicial analysis.

In-Country Value (ICV) Certifier

In-Country Value (“ICV”)

In-Country Value (“ICV”) is an initiative, under the Tawteen program, designed to boost suppliers' contribution to the local economy by localizing procurement spend, participating in the development of local talent and suppliers and promoting in-country private investment.

Corporate Advisory

Company Formation

At Alok K. Saksena Auditing & Accounting we have the expertise to guide you through the complete process of company formation in Qatar. With our experience and understanding of the rules in Qatar related to establishment of business in Qatar we can complete the process of registration in quick time with fewer hassles.

Merger and Acquisition and Re-structuring

With increasing competition and globalization the need for merger & acquisition has increased more than ever. Merger & acquisition between two companies can happen for reasons such as synergy, forward and backward integration, expansion, threat from competition, global reach, attractive valuation etc.

We at Alok K. Saksena Auditing & Accounting assist you in formulation of strategy, structuring the deal, valuation of the companies, meeting compliance requirements and all other requirements till the completion of the transaction.

Listing Advisory Service

Today, less than 50 shareholding companies are listed on the Qatar Stock Exchange. There is an opportunity for corporate to Raise Equity on the Exchange and Fund the Projects. We have the expertise to provide advice from the inception till final listing of the equity.

Consultancy Services

Company Valuation

Alok K. Saksena Auditing & Accounting provides a range of valuation services for private companies, intangible assets, real estate, portfolio of securities and other assets. Our valuation experts are well versed with different valuation methodologies and techniques.

We provide valuation services for Investments, Merger & Acquisitions, Listing on bourses, raising finance etc.

Project Feasibility Studies

Feasibility study means carrying out analysis to find out strength, weakness, breakeven point, technical and financial viability etc for an existing project or a new venture. A new project can consist of various constraints which can be legal, financial, technical, manpower, etc therefore it is very important to make a feasibility study before starting a new venture. A feasibility study is objectively carried out to study the various factors that will impact the overall business.

We at Alok K. Saksena Auditing & Accounting conduct project feasibility study for various new projects from diverse sectors and technologies.

Financial Analysis

Financial analysis means to carry out a study of the financial accounts and reports of the company using financial ratios as important tools. Financial analysis not only deals with past financial performance but also forecasting of future financials for the business. Financial analysis is very important while starting a new venture, while planning growth plans or even for continuing with the existing business.

At Alok K. Saksena Auditing & Accounting we as a part of our financial analysis service advise clients on whether to continue with the existing business, expansion of the existing, start new business, purchase the required material or produce it, acquire, rent or lease the machinery, other major decisions to be taken based on financial viability.

Rehabilitation of Sick Industry

We have expertise in rehabilitation and restructuring the Sick Industries by means of Deferment, Postponement, Funding of interest, conversion of debt into Equity ,one time settlement and if required to arrange for sale of Units.