In-Country Value (ICV) Certifier

ICV Overview

In-Country Value (“ICV”) is an initiative, under the Tawteen program, designed to boost suppliers' contribution to the local economy by localizing procurement spend, participating in the development of local talent and suppliers and promoting in-country private investment.

There are 2 critical ICV inputs which will be used throughout the end-to-end procurement process:

The ICV scorecard

The ICV scorecard

A historical view based on the past year financial data, of the supplier’s achieved ICV in their business operations. The ICV scorecard shall be renewed annually, at a minimum. The ICV scorecard is submitted during the tendering process and generally applies for the majority of contracts in the energy sector.


The ICV plan

The ICV plan

A forward-looking view, based on the supplier’s planned spend, of the supplier’s forecasted ICV contribution during the contract execution. The ICV Plan is submitted per contract and generally applies to selected contracts.

Approved ICV Certifier

We are approved by Qatar Petroleum under Tawteen program as an In-Country Value (ICV) Certifier in Qatar to issue certification indicating the supplier’s ICV scorecard / plan.

We believe in quality and have an expertise and qualified team to perform the ICV Certification for Suppliers.

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