Due Diligence & Special Audit

Due diligence and special audits encompass a broad spectrum of investigative procedures, typically undertaken to uncover fraudulent activities, embezzlement, or other financial malpractices. These audits may serve as crucial evidence in legal proceedings, where the auditor might be called upon as an expert witness.

Beyond financial fraud, due diligence and special audits extend to diverse scenarios like disputes arising from bankruptcy filings, business closures, or divorce proceedings.

In essence, due diligence and special audit involves a meticulous examination and assessment of financial records to unveil potential criminal conduct. This specialized form of auditing requires expertise in a particular branch of accounting, commonly found within larger accounting firms.

Due diligence and special audit professionals are adept at identifying various forms of illegal behaviour and play a pivotal role in ensuring that evidence collected is admissible in court. Consequently, when the stakes involve potential litigation, a due diligence/special audit is preferred over a standard audit due to its focus on gathering evidence suitable for legal proceedings.

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