ICV Overview & Why ICV

Tawteen is the Supply Chain Localization Program for the Energy sector in Qatar led by QatarEnergy with the participation of all the other companies operating in this sector. The Program consists of three key pillars and these are new investment opportunities, supplier development initiatives and a new In-Country Value (ICV) policy. The primary objectives of Tawteen are as follows:

  • Support the realization of Qatar National Vision 2030 by attracting companies engaged in knowledge and technology based businesses.
  • Establish sustainable and competitive in-country suppliers to meet the requirements of Qatar’s Energy sector.
  • Support the growth and diversification of Qatar’s economy.
ICV Tawteen - Digital Portal

ICV serves as a crucial metric for assessing the extent of local content provided by suppliers and contractors. Suppliers working with Tawteen Partner Companies are encouraged to calculate and disclose their ICV scores. This demonstrates their commitment to supporting ICV objectives. To ensure credibility, ICV scores must be certified by approved ICV certifiers like Alok K.Saksena and Partners Accounting and Auditing. ICV Scorecard offer a commercial advantage to suppliers seeking to do business across all sectors in Qatar.

Why ICV?

The ICV initiative, part of the broader Tawteen program, aims to bolster suppliers' contribution to the local economy by prioritizing local procurement, nurturing local talent and suppliers, and fostering domestic private investment.

The ultimate aim is to create a resilient and competitive energy support services sector for the State of Qatar through establishing long term sustainable value through localization of manufacturing, services and distribution channels.

ICV Scorecard impacts the procurement process as follows:

  • Bidders shall submit their ICV Scorecard Certificate in the bid document.
  • ICV Scorecard Certificate will play a role in commercial evaluation to determine the winning bidder.

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